Last you heard from me I was packing up my things to trek out to New York. I've now been here for a month and it's been a whirlwind. I'm working at an office two days a week and at a gallery another two days a week, so for four days each week what I can wear is quite restricted. My days off are really important because I'm not just able to do whatever I want, I'm also able to wear whatever I want. Here, I'm wearing this sort of Gucci school teacher-inspired outfit: over-sized sweater, green corduroy skirt worn backwards (buttons down the back), red leather belt with gold stud detailing, knee high wool socks, and my black sandals, along with a vintage Coach handbag and (in some images) a barrette and neckerchief.

I wore this outfit to the Met, which is a place I hold dear to my heart. Nothing lifts the spirits like some good oil paintings!


Hey there friends! It's been a second. School's finally out and boy, the end of this semester couldn't have come sooner. Now, after a slew of friends' graduations and parties and final dinners, I'm packing up my things and preparing to move out to New York for the summer. I am feeling so ready to get away from the school work and projects and start my internship, hit the ground running, and live it up in the summer tiiiiime! 

Today (as I expect will be the case for many days this summer) I'm wearing one of my favorite dresses. This lil guy is from Gap, and it is a fun sort of denim-patch-collage type print. This dress is the ultimate summer livin' get-up. It is so easy to throw on, it's hugely comfortable, it has POCKETS. What's not to love!?

Also, thank y'all so much for you nice comments on my last post, I really loved that one and am glad you did, too! 

Have a great day and see you in the Big Apple! If you've got recommendations, put those babies in the comments!