If you ever want to find me at my most belligerent, just pick a hot day in an environment with no air conditioning. Voilà, an irritable, befuddled, and undoubtedly sweaty Alexandra with no solace but to sit in a dark room with a cold drink. This day was one of those unbearably hot late-September days that hit the Bay Area right when you were ready to just resign yourself to having had no summer at all. 

It follows, unsurprisingly, that in my heat-clouded state this afternoon, I found my way to a refrigerator case full of Gatorade and purchased a huge one for myself. I think I got the white one because they were out of the blue (my preferred Gatorade flavor, if we're really going to get into specifics). Wonderfully, the bottle of Gatorade ended up coordinating with my outfit. I like to coordinate my ice-cream cone selections to my outfits, but taking Gatorade as an accessory was a new step for me. 

I got home, rejoiced in the shade of my room, and drank down that sugar-water and electrolyte concotion more quickly than I care to think about. I'm so glad it's not going to be this hot again for a good, long time!

P.S. Does anyone else coordinate various food items (ice cream, Gatorade, slushees, bottled drinks, etc.) to their outfits or is it just me? I'd love to know.

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