The other day, I was feeling really down, and sort of ill. I just wasn't feeling my best in general. I began watching some videos by chrissstttiiine, who is one of my all time favorites on YouTube. I feel like all of the content she makes is really honest and calm, and watching her always makes me feel invigorated. Anyway, I was watching one of her favorites videos (I think it was this one), and I started to feel so much better. I put on some very light makeup (basically just a Clinique lip tint that I used on my lips/cheeks/eyelids) and moisturized the heck out of my face and body. Put on my two scents (tea tree oil and Lady Greystock by DS&Durga), and wore this super simple outfit of jeans and a little grey tank top. Sometimes, when I'm not feeling good about myself, being aggressively natural is what makes me feel so much better. 

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