So here I am, giving a whole hell of a lot of face. My roommate went to New York over spring break and very generously brought back gifts for the whole house. Mine was a really beautiful silk neckerchief from the Met, printed with an image of Van Gogh's Irises. I am a true sucker for neck ties/scarves/anything of that nature. This outfit is a pretty wild time. Again, the green blouse on backwards makes an appearance, along with what is supposedly (according to the label and buttons) a vintage Dolce & Gabbana tapestry vest, a little mint-green ribbed corduroy skirt that I nabbed from the theater department's costume cast-offs, some herringbone tights, and little K-Swiss tennis shoes. And, lest you question whether this is an outfit suitable for everyday wear, I went out immediately after and did my grocery shopping at three different stores. How's that for practical. 


  1. Your photos are so cute and quirky!! I love the 3rd one down in the left column. Your style is definitely something unexpected, but different and I love that :)

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  2. Love these pics! So fun!

  3. Totally in love with the vintage vest babe! Your style is so unique <3

    1. Thanks so much Samantha! Have a great day :~)