Okay, I've got to admit: I am super proud of this outfit and beauty look. First off, the outfit. I'm wearing on of my favorite shirts backwards (as I frequently do... this you will see again and again) and my classic blue men's Wranglers. Pro tip: I have two nearly identical pairs of Wranglers, but each has a slightly different fit. These ones are the "Relaxed" fit with a shorter leg, and my other pair is a "Regular fit" with a leg that's about two inches longer, and I always wear that pair with the cuffs rolled. Again, I'm back at it with my little black heels. Then, what really makes this outfit special for me is choker action. I'm wearing a black grosgrain ribbon tied around my neck with an owl brooch stuck through the center of the bow. Then, there's my collar, which is a bit of a statement in itself. Finally, above the collar, I'm wearing this crazy blinged-out rhinestone and velvet choker.

Then, there's the makeup. I'm gonna give this one up to the time of day and lighting (I took these pictures right around golden hour), because I really wasn't wearing anything different from my standard makeup routine: some lip/cheek/eye tint, coconut oil to moisturize, a little shimmering Clarins lotion as a gentle highlighter, some very subtle eye shadow to set the eye tint, and clear mascara/brow gel on my lashes and brows, respectively. Was SO happy with this glowy, glowy look.

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