Yeeeeeeew! I'm so hyped up on this monochrome look. Seriously, if I wasn't so scared that I'd stain everything, I'd dress like this every damn day. Today's outfit is pretty simple (obviously). I'm wearing: a white tee hand-stenciled by the captain of my old improv team about three years ago, these white high rise flair jeans that I got from H&M probably six years ago, little woven leather slippers from Urban Outfitters, and a silver cuff. My bag, though, deserves special attention. It was printed and sewn by hand for me by friend Bella. Cindy Sherman (whose name is printed on the bag) is on of my all-time favorite artists, and this bag is just RAD on its own. Today was day one of a big print sale that happens every year, and a bunch of my friends were selling, so of course I had to buy all of their work. The prints were all wrapped up in what tissue paper, which was a nice little touch to this outfit as I walked home while trying not to inadvertently smash my precious purchases! 


  1. I love the idea of a print sale, and that bag is great! Handmade/ personalised items are always much more fun x

    1. So true! I love it when my friends make things for me, or when I make things for my friends. It's so much more special!