These images are from one very energized day: the first day I worked with Hogan, my now-frequent collaborator. We met to discuss what each of us was working on and how we could meet each other in the middle to make things together. This day, I got ridiculously excited and realized there was so much I wanted to do with Hogan. We got straight down to business with an impromptu(ish) photo shoot featuring this vintage wedding dress and a liberal amount of coconut oil on my face.

What was so exciting about this day, and what continues to be so invigorating about working with Hogan, is the speed and energy with which we work. We went from sitting on the couch gabbing to styling this look to shooting it to then shooting a dancey video all in the span of 25 minutes. Though these images and this video are all sort of one-off experiments, I think they really capture the spirit and excitement of creating collaboratively.

I can't wait to show you more of what Hogan and I have been working on! 


  1. How pretty are those lace details!