My last post was about readjusting to California after moving back from New York, and this is much the same. Coming back to my apartment with all of my things stashed away was so strange. On the one hand, it felt as if I had never been gone. There were all the same smells, the same light in the kitchen, the same paths tracked back and forth over our green carpet and green linoleum. But all of my things were packed up and put away in the little corners where I had left them, only to be rearranged and rediscovered three months later. These images are from the day after I returned to Berkeley. I was reorienting myself. I went grocery shopping, I went for a tea at the museum, I went for a stroll through campus as the sun washed everything in gold. And through it all, with my bed non-existent and my closet similarly in disarray, it was important to me that I hold down the fort, so to speak, with a classically "Alexandra" outfit. A bit academic, with oversized proportions and delicate details, and of course...glowy skin and lots of blush.

Coat: Vintage (similar) Shirt: Old Navy (similar) Pants: Uniqlo (similar) Necktie: The Met Shoes: Urban Outfitters (similar)

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