photos by Hogan Fulton

Just a few days ago, I wrote about working with Hogan. Something that continues to be characteristic of our work together is the improvisational energy that accompanies our endeavors. On this day, for example, we got out of class at the same time and met up with no plans in mind. Thirty minutes into messing around with movement experiments on unused pedestals in an big empty room, we decided that wasn't working and maybe it was time to head home. As we headed down the hill towards home, we noticed this disused ornamental balcony on the side of the old women's gym, designed by Julia Morgan. It seemed like the perfect location for an impromptu photo shoot, and so that's what we did, capturing this pattern-clashing outfit. I think my favorite thing about these photos is the way the colors turned out. That butterscotch tone is so warm and sweet!

I'm wearing a vintage dress and vintage blazer, hand-made skull bolo tie, and K-Swiss trainers

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